What will happen during the tribulation

What will happen during the Tribulation

One concern for Americans is there cannot be a total takeover by Lucifer's forces whereby America does not crash and burn. If America were to remain a strong country, abiding by Christian principles and our own Constitution, we would be able to stop the takeover.

Possible scenarios include:

Death to Christians:

If we are to go through the tribulation ,most Christians will die early in the collapse because they don't own guns and hold a world view that believes their government loves them and people are generally good. Except starving people are generally desperate, often godless, and all too ready to separate you from what is yours. This is very early in the tribulation. Most of the elect are not ready to live in a world ruled by godless bankers and followers of Lucifer who in many cases of higher up followers have already engaged in human sacrifice to prove their worth.

Total economic collapse of the dollar and removal of the dollar as the world's reserve currency. When the dollar goes so do all currencies.

This should already have happened as most conservative economists such as Gerald Celente, Max Kaiser, Phil Schiff etc predicted in 2009. It didn't happen because no one could have foreseen the lengths to which the Federal Reserve would go to falsely prop up the dollar for these last 5+ years. Gold should have not doubled but quintupled in price, but the FR engaged in gold manipulation and price fixing to keep the price down. The point is, they have the power to pull the plug when they see fit. The Ukrainian conflict is an attempt to break the alliance of BRICS nations who are beginning to trade among themselves off the dollar and on their own currencies, which makes them a threat to the six central banks that rule the world.

Elimination of much of the population in accordance with their ten commandments as expressed on the Georgia Guide stones.

There will be massive rioting (worse than Greece) when the stores empty of supplies in about three days. Most companies have adopted lean warehousing where they depend on a constant flow of products and keep less on hand. Half of the country is on welfare and there access cards will buy nothing in empty stores. They will be the first to form roving gangs to attack those in the suburbs who may have stocked pantries and access to local farmers. Martial Law will eventually be declared and (FEMA will begin roundups another conspiracy theory) but not until many deaths and casualties which will lead to death have occurred as planned. The Katrina response was a test run for this plan.

Door to door confiscations will begin.

Once the violence has reached its maximum effect and accomplished its mission, swat teams of militarized police and foreign troops (Foreign troops on our soil training to kill us another conspiracy theory)

They will easily be herded into the major cities as planned to get their MRE rations and stay in the FEMA run camps, sports arenas, malls, and other identified areas of captivity and monitoring. By then most people who have guns will be out of ammo and will have succumbed to the gangs.

Ready for the tribulation:

There are many preppers today, some are Christians who think they have enough food, weapons, and ammo to keep them alive and in some cases believe they will still be able to enjoy life. Rations and ammo may run out quickly for even the most heavily supplied, but most are not well enough supplied. Gardening will be outlawed when most of the survivors rounded up under martial law will be herded into the cities under 24 hr surveillance. It will also become an unlikely factor in survival because chemtrailing, which most people now believe is a conspiracy theory is stepped up with the direct intention of making crop production impossible except in corporation owned areas. Wildlife will also suffer many casualties and defects because of chemtrailing our wilderness areas.

Preppers armed to the teeth:

There are some preppers who have been preparing for decades for the fall and think they are ready for anything. Even if they are able to fend off swat teams and troops with small arms, there are still the 30,000 domestic drones planned by the passing of the drone bill in 2010 for 30,000 drones by 2015. These will be armed drones to take out well armed preppers.

Death to Christians again:

Later in the tribulation after those Christians still left have formed an underground church and very small commerce network, the government, by now One World Government will begin to round up Christians and Jews wherever they may be found. This is what those who believe in no rapture or end times rapture have been waiting for, the tribulation to prove their worth and gladly die in a public display of being led to the guillotines. Another popular conspiracy theory FEMA has purchased thousands of guillotines and stored them in a few warehouses in the USA.

Well this is just the beginning of what I see ahead for the Great tribulation and the three and a half years before it. This outlines the basic big picture according to my research and many other watchers on the wall, people who have kept our lamps trimmed and full for the wedding feast.

Words for the end times:

at 10:16 Persecution of Disciples

"I am sending you out like sheep surrounded by wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

Mat 10:26 Fear God, Not Man

"Do not be afraid of them, for nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing is secret that will not be made known.
Conspiracy theories are quickly becoming conspiracy facts for those willing to see.

Thoughts on the Trinity

I hold to a trichotomous viewpoint for scientific reasons. We are said to be created in their (Elohim) image. We are told Elohim (gods) is One God, and we are told Elohim is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So if we set aside the misapprehension of "In His image" being a description of God's appearance, and dig deeper into the scientific aspect of Genesis 1, we must analyze the concept in keeping with a physical description of how we are constructed.

So if we examine Elohim on this physical basis, and if we compare His parts to our parts, then we can grasp a bit more about Elohim and a bit more about Adama (mankind).

Let us start with the Body: We have a body which is our construct for interacting with the 4D universe (3 dimensions seen plus time) in which we live. We know that when we die, we are no longer present in the body and is returns to the dust from which it came. This indicates the body is an essential part of any viewpoint. Similarly when God decided to interact directly through the people, He sent His Son to become flesh which gave God a physical interaction with us and our universe.

The next level is the soul, and we know from many scriptures that the soul comprises multiple parts,and it seems the majority have settled on mind and emotions as the foundation of the soul. We assume that the soul at least goes on to be with the Lord when the body is left behind, for which I would use: "2 Corinthians 5:8 NET. Thus we are full of courage and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord." So far that is still fine in keeping with the dichotomous view, but to continue with the scientific explanation, I will now compare this with the three parts of Elohim. To get there let me examine some old adages. We have often times heard descriptions of the soul leaving the body from near death accounts and witnesses with special gifts, while we think on these things, we realize they are subjective. However anyone who has been around for many decades has likely decided from experience that most myths even contain a kernel of truth. The kernel I reference here is the concept most people accept as the soul being kind of like a vapor, or even a wispy wind. I say that to set the stage for a postulation the soul compares physically to Holy Spirit (Ruach = wind)

So indeed if we are trichotomous, then we must address possession of a third physical element of our nature. So far everything we possess is also possessed by our animal friends. We know aside from man, all other created things are programmed by God, and though we may say our pets exhibit will when they refuse to obey our commands at times, they do not have a will as it were to set themselves against their creator as we do.
So then I postulate, there is indeed a third part of man as there is a third part of Elohim. I will call it the Spirit as separate from the soul, and equate it with the "Will of Man".
As our bodies are governed by our thoughts and our emotions, our souls are governed by our will. We can ask God to heal our bodies, and we can ask God to purify our thoughts and emotions, but our will is separate and beyond that. It is our will which ultimately decides how we live, and who we obey. God can offer us salvation, we can get a feeling of happiness living according to His teachings, and we can understand the concept of grace. Our will however, is what determines whether we accept what our soul desires. In that respect, God cannot intercede. It is and always must be up to us to make the decision. This is how He designed us and this is why I believe the
Spirit is a separate functioning part of our physical makeup. To compare this to Elohim, what is left over is the Father. In the grand scheme of creation, the Father is the will of (one in charge) of the body (Christ) and the soul (HS) therefore I would say in comparison, our spirit is the will of our soul and body.

To go on with the scientific explanation, I would further postulate the body lives here in the physical universe, but the spirit lives in a dimension beyond this universe. Venturing to look at supernatural accounts in mystic practices here on Earth we have probably all heard of astral projection. Though I would call it a dangerous mystical practice, I am hesitant to dismiss it as impossible, or even improbable and yet again I would ask the reader to remember, there is a kernel of truth to things such as this. I mention it because it fits in well with scientific theories of dimensions beyond our own. If the spirit is in a dimension beyond our own then how are the spirit and body connected. believe it is the soul (vaporous manifestation of the body) which connects the spirit and the body. witnesses of near death and astral projection have described a silvery cord like apparition connecting them to their bodies as they float above their bed and observe doctors working frantically over them. I believe God has allowed these things to be witnessed to help us understand His creation.

For this reason, I believe when the spirit is diminished in it's willfulness over the body and soul, either by drug use or experimentation in the spirits, one becomes vulnerable to other spirits in similar dimensions but evil in nature to simultaneously occupy one's body and soul. The original spirit is still connected, but it is just one voice in the mix. So then by grace we can opt to connect our spirit with God's Spirit which gives us the chance to subdue the natural man through adding God's Spirit to the mix. So when it is God's Spirit and our spirit, we are empowered for victory over sin and death. When we leave the body and the four dimensional universe we do not need to travel for Paul says "being absent the body is to be present with God". The soul loses its connection to the body here, but has as its focus the connection on the other end, the spirit.

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